Meeting Admin

In a Cornerstone SBX-Cornerstone Classroom integrated environment, Meeting administrators can configure and manage events from within the Cornerstone SBX user interface. Through the Meetings menu in Cornerstone SBX, they can configure, schedule and manage various types of events, add agenda content to events, and enroll individual users and groups for participating in the events.

They can even manage event recording so that the recordings are available for playback at a later point in time, ensuring that users can work through information at their own pace or catch up on a missed meeting.

Meeting administrators also get the option to change the branding for users who may attend a meeting event created in Cornerstone SBX, where such users may or may not have a Cornerstone SBX account. Such users are invited via email and they attend the event directly via the guest attend URL.

In this section, you'll learn about the following topics:
  • Manage your events
  • Manage agenda content
  • Administer events
  • Manage branding
  • Manage conference call profiles
  • Manage all event recordings
  • Manage all event reports