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Cornerstone SBX Learning is designed to be used by everyone in the extended enterprise, including both internal members of the organization (employees) and external members of the organization (customers, partners, suppliers, and distributors).

Using Cornerstone SBX Learning, learners can target required skills, certifications, and curricula; assess skill and certification gaps; and plan learning to address those gaps. As a learner, you can then participate in different forms of learning, either instructor-led or web-based, in order to close those gaps, measure your progress against targets, and then ensure continued improvement by repeating the learning process.

You can view classes you have in your current learning list, and classes you have completed or requested in the past. You can search the Catalog for classes needed to close certification or skill gaps, or those needed for your career advancement.

As an individual, you may have valuable knowledge to share with others and Cornerstone SBX Learning grants you the option to add resources to the knowledge center. This supports the option to hold a brown bag lunch or another form of informal training and record the event. You can add your resources to the knowledge base based on guidelines defined by the content administrator.

Everyone with access to Cornerstone SBX has the role of individual user or learner.

Note: In Cornerstone SBX Learning, individual users are often referred to as 'learners', as this is their primary function within the system.
As a learner in Cornerstone SBX, you can do the following:
  • Analyze your skill gaps
  • Self-assess your skills
  • Assess others on skills (as requested)
  • Volunteer as expert
  • Find experts
  • Find classes in the Learning Catalog
  • Register for learning
  • Take learning
  • View learning results
  • View your current learning and learning history
  • View/track progress on your certifications and curricula
  • Create classes (where authorized)
  • Build your learning plan, which includes planned learning, planned certifications, desired skills and proficiency levels, and career interests
  • View your user profile, which includes your preferences, contact information, and career interests

The functionality available to individual users is located under the Me tab.