View reports

SBX Analytics provides sophisticated data collection methods which help analyzing and interpreting important information. It brings the required information together with the ability to filter and analyze that information. It gives you fresh insights into:

  • The way the business works
  • What motivates your employees
  • What keeps the employees engaged and productive
  • Key performance indicators that drive business decisions
  • What motivates the customers and makes them profitable
  • Insights and innovations that can change the basis of competition

Using SBX Analytics, you can view and interpret the same data with different perspectives with the help of filters, cross-tabs and conditional formatting.

Navigate to Me > Analytics.
Note: When running a report as a learner from the ME menu only the data pertaining to the currently logged in user will be returned.
In this section, you will go through the following topics using the topics menu on your left:
  • View or edit existing reports
  • Actions while viewing the reports
  • Add charts to your reports
  • Report scheduling and subscription