Deliver classes

Delivering a class in Cornerstone SBX involves delivery of content or materials for the class and the administrative tasks that are required after class delivery.

This section provides details about how an instructor can perform various tasks for delivering classes and other post-delivery tasks.

For most of the tasks in this section, you need to access the class roster from the Roster or Results tab of the class.

Figure 1. Roster/Results actions
Roster/Results actions
In this section, you will learn about the following topics:
  • Manually add learners to a scheduled class
  • Add learners to a scheduled class using a CSV file
  • Select multiple learners in a class roster by their class registration status
  • Sort learners in a class roster
  • Mark a scheduled class as delivered
  • Mark a class as delivered and grant credits to class learners
  • Record attendance
  • Record attendance per session per learner
  • Record learner results
  • Update learner registration status
  • Grade a class activity
  • Evaluate a checklist from the roster
  • Substitute learners in a class
  • View order details of learners in a class
  • View class attachments
  • Generate on-demand notifications
  • Export or print roster sign-in sheet
  • View the course group of a class
  • View and edit the transcript for a learner
  • View learner evaluations
  • Grant ad hoc course completion credits to learners
  • Print the certificate of completion for the learner's transcript
  • Print certificates of completion in bulk
  • Revoke a learner's successful class completion
  • Clear attempt data for content in a completed class
  • Reset the remaining launch attempts for a learner
  • Reschedule a scheduled class
  • Cancel a scheduled class
  • Mark a class complete
  • Lead a virtual class
  • Edit the title of a Cornerstone Classroom session
  • Unlock a checklist that is locked for offline evaluation