Learn how to create courses and content, assign instructors, create registrations, compile a learning catalog, create an e-store, and more.

Cornerstone SBX provides a robust learning management platform to develop and engage people in your organization.

With Cornerstone SBX Learning, you can easily create, catalog, manage and track all types of learning activities, including Web-based, instructor-led, blended, and virtual courses and classes. The class-based mechanism allows you to deliver SCORM, AICC, and Tin Can (xAPI) compliant e-learning content to people in your organizations and educational setup.

With Cornerstone SBX and the integration capabilities it supports, you can also connect, import and manage libraries of high quality learning content from third party providers, including Lynda.com, OpenSesame, Skillsoft and more.

The certification and curriculum features of Cornerstone SBX enable you to bundle together training options, making it simple for your users to see everything that they have to do and when they have to do it, for example, regulatory training that users must complete in a certain time frame every year. These features also enable administrators to easily track additional dimensions, such as who has completed all of the required training courses.

Cornerstone SBX's built-in assessment tool helps you measure learner progress and program effectiveness. With this tool, you can measure learning outcomes with pre-course and post-course tests or give users the option of testing out of a course entirely. The assessment tool also allows you to send surveys to learners or their managers after a training is completed to capture feedback.

The subsequent sections in this help describe various features and capabilities offered by Cornerstone SBX Learning and its extended areas.

The topics in Learning help are broadly structured as follows:

Table 1. Learning help structure
Topics User Roles
Get started with learning All
Learning catalog Catalog Administrator
Certifications and curricula Catalog Administrator
Content Content Administrator
Assessments Assessment Administrator
Instructor Instructor
Registrar Registrar and LLR
Informal learning Catalog Administrator
Ecommerce Ecommerce Administrator
Manage your learning End User and Manager
me:time (Self-directed learning) End User