Manage your team's learning

Managers provide supervisory functions for the individuals they manage. They have the ability to assign learning to their team members. They can search the Learning Catalog and select classes they want their team members to take, and assign the classes to one or more team members.

As a manager, you can:

  • Register multiple people for learning
  • Approve or reject enrollments
  • Drop a team member's enrollment
  • View order history of your team members
  • Submit a class request for your team members
  • View all class requests of your team members
  • View evaluations of your team members
  • Add an ad hoc completed course to a team member's plan
  • Add notes to your team member's completed course
  • Approve or reject completed courses of users
  • Print your team member's certificate of completion
  • View your team member's certifications or curricula
  • Revoke an acquired certification of a team member
  • Cancel a held certification for a learner
  • Assign a checklist to a team member
  • Mentor your team members
  • Buy learning items

For managing team learning, managers use the functionality located in the My Team role. All functionality in the My Team role is designed for use by managers.

Managers in Cornerstone SBX are also individual users. For managing their personal learning, managers use the functionality under the Me role.