Learn how to configure, schedule, and manage virtual events, such as meetings, classrooms, and webinars.

Cornerstone SBX provides an integrated meeting solution along with Cornerstone Classroom to take care of your organization's virtual training needs. Cornerstone Classroom facilitates virtual training, webinars, and team interactions with your own employees as well as your extended workforce. It even allows you to record your virtual class, webinar or meeting, which can be then shared as web-based training immediately following the event.

The subsequent sections in this help describe various features and capabilities offered by Cornerstone SBX and Cornerstone Classroom in an integrated environment.
Table 1. Meeting help structure
Topics User Roles
Get started with events Not applicable
Configure events System Administrator
Manage your events
  • Virtual Event Admin
  • Virtual Event Developer
Manage agenda content
  • Virtual Event Admin
  • Virtual Event Developer
Administer events Virtual Event Admin
Manage branding Virtual Event Admin
Manage conference call profiles Virtual Event Admin
Manage all event recordings Virtual Event Admin
Manage event reports Virtual Event Admin
Schedule meetings Meeting Organizer
Attend events Meeting Organizer
Manage your meeting events Meeting Organizer
Manage your event recordings Meeting Organizer
Troubleshoot events All

For more details about Cornerstone Classroom, refer to the Cornerstone Classroom help.