Candidate hiring

Go to the Offered tab of the hiring team group and select Mark Hired from the drop-down list corresponding to the candidate. The Mark Hired popup opens with terms and conditions. Select the I accept all terms and conditions check box. Click Yes to hire the candidate or click Yes and reject all candidates, or click No, keep the requisition open. If you select Yes and reject all candidates, then a default rejection notification is sent to all the candidates. The candidate is flagged with the status as Hired. Hiring manager or recruiter can hire the candidate once the offer is approved by approvers. The Mark hired link appears in the More actions even when the candidate's status is in Offer Approved state.
Note: This terms and conditions is displayed only if the Recruiting Administrator has enabled Job Offer: Enable terms and conditions for job offer check box on the Terms and Conditions page of the recruiting configurations.
Note: Once the candidate is marked as Hired in the Hiring Team view, the notification event Candidate is marked as hired is triggered and an email is sent to the respective hiring manager and recruiter. The candidate can also view the offer on the Career site > My Job Applications page. A View offer button is shown next to the requisition in the Career site.
Once you hire a candidate for the current requisition, you can do the following:
  • Reject the remaining candidates and specify the correct reason.
  • Close the job requisition.

As a recruiter or hiring manager, you can reject a hired candidate if the candidate accepted the offer but did not join the company. You must select Mark rejected from the Change status drop-down list for the hired candidate. Once you mark the candidate as Rejected after hiring, then the Mark Interested-Medium action does not appear.

After hiring a candidate, the Days to Fill field appears in the hiring team view indicating the number of the days took to fill this position. The Days to Fill field is calculated as last candidate marked hired - requisition published date. Before hiring the candidate, if the requisition goes into status other than Active, then those days are ignored. In such a case, this field is calculated as last candidate marked hired - first activated date - (summation of invalid days like requisition was on hold, draft, closed, or pending).


Consider a requisition that was published and a candidate got hired. In between, the requisition went through multiple statuses. So, let's see how the Days to Fill is calculated.

Old Status Current Status Start Date End Date Days to Fill
Draft Pending 10-Jan-18 10-Jan-18
Pending Active 10-Jan-18 15-Jan-18 5
Active On Hold 15-Jan-18 20-Jan-18 5
1st candidate hired 13-Jan-18 3 days

(13-Jan-18) - (10-Jan-18)

On Hold Active 20-Jan-18 30-Jan-18 10
Active Closed 30-Jan-18 10-Feb-18 11
Closed Draft 10-Feb-18 15-Feb-18 5
Draft Pending 11-Feb-18 20-Feb-18 5
Pending Active 20-Feb-18
2nd candidate hired 25-Feb-18 20 days

(25-Feb-18) - (15-Jan-18) - (invalid days in italics)