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An internal career site or job board is an area in the application where all open jobs are posted after their job requisition has been approved. The career site is visible to unregistered guest users. Job seekers can browse the jobs by category or search the entire career site. They can apply various filters (for example, location) to limit the search results.

When applying for a job, based on the career site configurations, applicants can apply using their existing LinkedIn account, log in using their existing Facebook or Google account, upload a resume, or complete an application form (if one has been created).

If an applicant has previously applied for a job using the career site, the applicant's information remains in the system and can be reused by the applicant when applying for another job. An applicant can choose to apply using their LinkedIn profile, in which case, the system provides the applicant with the relevant connections that can be used as a reference. When submitting the application, users can also add links to videos, blogs or any other resources, and upload their resume that can help their application.

If a test has been created for the job requisition, while submitting the application, the applicant can choose to answer a few questions. The test generates a score that can later be used to screen candidates.

A dashboard is created for each applicant where they can check the status of the application at any time.

Once a candidate is hired, all the data collected during the hiring process (such as assessments and pre-hire training) is automatically merged into the official employee profile.

The following pages of the career site are 508 compliant:
  • Home Page
    • View All Jobs
  • Job details page
  • Job Application steps
  • My Jobs
  • My Profile
    Note: The Work Reference, Education and Employment sections are not compliant.
  • User Name > My Settings