Local Learning Registrar (LLR)

Who is a Local Learning Registrar (LLR)?

Local learning registrars have special privileges to administer people in one or more organizations. Each organization can have zero, one, or many local learning registrars, and any person can be designated a local learning registrar for one or more organizations.

Cornerstone SBX supports the following types of Local Learning Registrar (LLR) functionalities; however, they cannot co-exist in the same environment:
  • Dynamic Criteria-based Local Learning Registrar


  • Organization-based Local Learning Registrar


The switch from Dynamic Criteria-based LLR to Organization-based LLR can be done only once, with no option to revert back. If you are using the Dynamic-Criteria-based LLR functionality for some time in Cornerstone SBX, it is recommended that you do not make this switch. This may cause unexpected behavior because both types of LLR cannot function in the same environment.

If you are new to Cornerstone SBX and if you want to evaluate the Organization-based LLR functionality, submit a support request. It is recommended that you backup your database, evaluate the Organization-based LLR, and then restore the backup database once the evaluation is complete. For assistance, contact Support.

For more details, see Configure a Local Learning Registrar.