Manage orders

The topics in this section describe various tasks you can perform on existing orders in Cornerstone SBX.

To perform these tasks, you need to access the Learning > Registrar Desktop > Order History menu.

In this section, you'll learn about the following topics:
  • View and edit an order
  • Specify additional details while placing an order
  • View learner addresses in order details page
  • Add notes to an order
  • Edit registration questions
  • Substitute a registered learner in an order
  • Reschedule a scheduled class in an order
  • Place an order for a learner and pay later
  • Adjust the price of order items
  • Drop or cancel an order
  • Mark order item as billed
  • Refund late charges for cancelled orders
  • Drop the order paid by training units with or without late charges
  • View applied promotion code and organization discount
  • View orders paid by purchase order
  • View private class purchase orders