Work with subscription orders

This section describes subscription orders and how you can work with them in Cornerstone SBX.

For details about subscriptions, see Subscriptions.
Note: The Subscription feature and its related menus are available only if Ecommerce is provisioned by your organization and the Subscription service is enabled. For more details, contact your Account Manager or Support.

What is a subscription order?

A Subscription order is an order for consuming subscriptions. Registrars and Local Learning Registrars can place subscription orders on behalf of learners or learners themselves can order subscriptions just like they can order any other catalog item. A subscription order can contain one or more subscriptions as order items.
Note: Subscription orders can be placed for external users only.
To buy a subscriptions
  1. As an external learner, log into the application.
  2. In the Global search, select Subscription and click Search. The application displays all the available subscriptions.
  3. Click Buy Now corresponding to the subscription.
  4. View the subscription details and click Continue to move to Review step.
  5. Review your order details and click Proceed to payment.
  6. Choose the appropriate payment option and click Confirm. The order is confirmed. Click View my subscription to view your newly ordered subscription or navigate to Me > Subscription and view your subscriptions.

Subscription order statuses

Subscription orders have the following statuses:
Table 1. Subscription order statuses
Status Description
Payment Pending

The subscription order for which no payment has been made yet. Registrars can adjust the price of subscriptions in such an order. They can even drop subscriptions.


The subscription order for which the payment is made and which is not yet expired or cancelled. Registrars can adjust the price of subscriptions in such an order. They can even drop subscriptions.


The subscription order has reached its expiration date.


The subscription order has been cancelled.

Subscription order expiry

System administrators can configure a periodic notification event "Post Subscription Expiry Registrations Cancellation" that checks for any expired subscriptions and cancels all learner registrations for those expired subscriptions.

This event updates the learner registrations as follows:
  • Registered ILTs that will start in the future will be dropped.
  • Registered ILTs that are in progress will not be dropped.
  • Completed ILTs are not affected.
  • Registered WBTs are dropped.
  • Completed WBTs - Access to any content is revoked.